Beach Pilates & Massage, LLC.

"Empowering people to a healthier way of being"

Beach Pilates empowers you to a better, healthier way of being with full body-mind exercises for therapeutic and fitness benefits. You learn a new method of movement that reduces pain and improves general well being by building a strong, well formed body and strengthening your mind using the teachings of Joseph Pilates.

Located in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, you can enjoy Pilates apparatus (reformer, cadillac, wunda chair) workouts with private or semi-private instruction as well as our BARRE WORKOUT which is a small group class. There is a difference in attending a small boutique style studio. You will know the difference in the quality of personal attention allowed in this smaller setting.

We pay specific attention to your needs – you don’t get lost in a crowd, and you get a true understanding of what Pilates is all about. With thousands of hours of study and practice in Pilates and massage, Linda Warga and her team have the training and experience to tailor a Pilates exercise routine to your needs.

Beach Pilates private studio encourages a holistic body-mind-spirit philosophy. You actively participate in your health and well-being through this empowering, strengthening workout.

Call or send an online inquiry today to find out what true Pilates is all about.

636 Arnold Avenue, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 732-714-SAND (7263)